No Mold Gold Teeth

Looking for the ultimate in iced out jewelry? Want a set of hip hop gold teeth but not sure how to get them? Is the teeth impression step confusing you? Worry no more as “no mold gold teeth” are here to help you.

Who wouldn't want to kiss this mouth?

Who wouldn't want to kiss this mouth?

To get hip hop gold teeth ordered, you have to get an impression of your teeth taken. Either your dentist does this for you or you your self do it by using a D.I.Y kit. However, no mold gold teeth have simply eliminated this step and have reduced a lot of hassle. It is not only neat, it is clean as well.

Gold teeth are also known amongst the hip hop fashion community as grillz, gold grills, goldz, snatch outs, pull outs, slugs, gold caps and various other names. Gold teeth resemble dental appliances but are only used for cosmetic purposes. Gold teeth are in fact dental caps that can be clipped on to your teeth and can be removed as and when you wish. They are the latest in hip hop fashion and their popularity has been increased considerably by the use of gold teeth by various rap artists and celebrities.

There are two kinds of gold teeth design favored by street gear enthusiasts; ready to wear range and custom made. Both involved taking a dental impression to ensure a perfect fit. However, this involves extra money. If you had your impressions done by your doctor, he would charge you, while if you did it all by your self, you still have to buy the mold kit to do it in accordance to the instructions.

No Mold = No Hassles

No mold hip hop gold teeth are different and innovative in the sense that they do not involve dental impressions and therefore cut the extra expense. No mold gold teeth are ready to wear and are of “one size fits all” category. But the good thing about them is that their fit is like custom made gold teeth. These no mold gold teeth come with a flex fitting bar at the back that allows the customers to slightly bend it to fit in to their own specific shape of the teeth. This flex bar is quite durable and can be used again and again without wearing out. No mold gold teeth are available for removable gold teeth only. Usually these no mold gold teeth are only for the upper set of teeth, but some larger and more experienced companies are also manufacturing no mold gold teeth for lower set of teeth.

The care for these no mold gold teeth is same as the mold requiring hip hop gold grills. Remove them before eating and sleeping, brush them regularly and often and once a fort night wash with tepid soapy water. Now and then wiping with a non toxic luster cloth helps to maintain its shine.

People who are into hip hop fashion are beginning to prefer the no mold gold grills as they cost lower by eliminating the mold or dental impression charges and they look and feel great by wearing them. So if you are concerned about impression taking procedures and about how much time it is going to take, go for the no mold gold teeth. They are simply great!!!

Where To Buy No Mold gold Teeth

We’ve taken the time to search the net and find the best deal on no mold gold teeth. If you got your heart set on real gold, these aint for you, but if you wanna look fly and rock some cool ass shit and you aint hung up on particulars then these are for you! The product below is legit and costs under $20!!!  Check em out below:

Gold Grill - Fake Gold Teeth No Mold Gold Teeth

Forget the whack looking mofo in the picture, this gold tooth is simple, easy to fit and looks fly! click on the link for more product info

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